Signs & Symptoms of Infection

  • Assessment Abrasions, Cuts or Puncture Wounds

    Openings in the skin need to be kept clean, dry and covered until the skin is healed to keep the wound from becoming infected.  Your hands should be washed prior to touching the wound.  The bandage should be changed every day and more often if it becomes wet or dirty.  It is normal for a wound to drain clear yellow or pink liquid in the beginning and to be sore to the touch.



    It is VERY important to call your doctor right away if you se the following:

    -        Fever (Temp over 101) and/or chills

    -        Pain, swelling, redness and warmth where the injury occurred

    -        Liquid coming from the wound, thick, turns green or dark yellow, and/or smells bad

    -        Complains of stomach pain, decreased appetite, nausea or vomiting

    -        Dizziness, light headed and/or headache

    -        Confusion and/or weakness, or sleeping a lot

    -        Rash anywhere on the body


    Please check your child's backpack for a student health office visit form