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     For over 40 years, Earth Day, April 22, has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.


     NYS mandated screenings for vision & hearing have been completed and notices are being sent home to those that did not pass.

    Scoliosis is in the process of being completed, notices will be sent for those that are not negative 





    Sun Safety Tips


    • Avoid sun’s ray between 10am & 4pm
    • Choose a sunscreen with “broad spectrum” on the label
    • Zinc oxide good for nose, cheeks, tops of ears...
    • Use Sun protection factor or at least 15
    • Rub sunscreen in well & apply 30 minutes before going outside
    • Use sunscreen on cloudy daystoo!

     Child abuse prevention ribbon

    Spring Cleaning:

    It’s spring cleaning time—the annual ritual of mopping, dusting, and clearing out household places and spaces not usually a part of regular clean-up throughout the year. Making time for deep house cleaning is a part of maintaining a healthy home and preventing many infectious diseases.


    Low-cost Steps to a Safer and Healthier Home Include:

    Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

    Cleaning removes germs from surfaces and disinfecting destroys germs from surfaces. Disinfecting after cleaning gives an extra level of protection from germs. Areas with the largest amounts of germs and frequently used areas— such as the kitchen and bathroom—should be disinfected with a bleach solution or another disinfectant as often as possible to avoid the spread of germs.


    Handling and Preparing Food Safely

    There are four simple daily practices to food safety and protection from food borne bacteria:

    1. Clean hands and surfaces often;
    2. Separate and don't cross-contaminate one food with another;
    3. Cook foods to proper temperatures by using a food thermometer and observing recommended internal cooking temperatures
    4. Chill or refrigerate foods promptly by storing leftovers at a temperature of 40°F or below in the refrigerator and 0° F or below in the freezer.


    Washing Hands Frequently

    Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick and spreading illnesses. Frequent hand washing gets rid of germs you pick up from other people, from the surfaces you touch and from the animals you come in contact with. Knowing when to wash your hands and how to wash your hands is very important. When soap and water are not available, you should use an alcohol-based wipe or hand gel.





     Autism Awareness












    Substance Abuse Awareness Month   



    Lice Reminder: 

    Please remind your child to not share personal items with fellow students. Also remember to check   your child’s head frequently. If lice is discovered please call the health office so that we may put into effect our lice procedure.

     Blue & Grey Day April 12, 2019 to support organ donation