• Academic Eligibility Rules and Regulations 

    Since the primary function of Elba Central School is to provide high quality education, the individual academic achievement, effort, and good citizenship of each student comes before the participation or attendance at extracurricular events. Even though individual students possess different academic potentials and interest, a student is expected to maintain a passing grade (70% or higher) for every course in which the student is enrolled in order to participate fully in and/or attend extra-curricular events. Students can be placed on academic probation after the first 5 weeks of school. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

    A student who is academically eligible can:

    • Play and participate in extracurricular and athletic events
    • Attend club meetings and participate in major events
    • Attend games, dances, concerts, proms, balls, and other school-sponsored events
    • Exercise parking privileges at school

     A student who is ineligible and does not attend the eligibility study hall cannot:

    • Play or participate in athletic contests, practices, or other related events
    • Participate in club events
    • Attend games, dances, proms, balls, and other school-sponsored events
    • Exercise parking privileges at school 


    Procedures for academic ineligibility:

    Every three weeks, a list of students who are failing at least one course will be made available to all staff, including coaches and extra-curricular advisors. Students who are failing one or more classes and/or have received an “incomplete” will be immediately placed on the ineligibility list. Each student on the ineligibility list will have the option of attending an eligibility study hall to earn their eligibility during the three-week period.

    Beginning one calendar week after the students are notified of their ineligible status, any student who wishes to earn their eligibility status back must have attended eligibility study hall for the calendar week and until they are earning a passing grade in the course. (If a student is failing more than one class, EACH failing grade must be brought to passing before they are considered eligible. This means they must attend the eligibility study hall until they are passing every class.)

    If a student brings their failing grade to a passing one, they are required to pick up a form from the Main Office and have their teacher sign it. The student is then responsible to bring the form to Mrs. Reigle in the Main Office. Once grades are verified as passing, the student’s name is removed from the list and they are no longer required to attend the eligibility study hall.

    The ineligibility list resets every three week period. Students will be notified if they are placed on the ineligibility list and informed that they can earn and maintain eligibility by attending the eligibility study hall

    Students who choose not to attend the eligibility study hall will remain ineligible for the entire three-week period. Students who choose to attend the eligibility study hall must attend each eligibility study hall (five days per week) for a minimum of one week and until they are removed by the principal when all grades are passing. If a student stops attending before official notification by the principal (or is absent from the study halls), he/she will not have their ineligible status removed.