Parent Portal - Instructions

  • Dear Parents:

    By now, many of you have had the opportunity to log onto our district's newest technology tool to communicate with families on the progress of their children, The Parent Portal.  The parent portal is part of schooltool, which is a historical application that holds all permanent record information on an individual student by school year. The Parent Portal allows you, the parent, to view all of this information, such as classes, grades, attendance, and discipline information.

    First Login (Please also refer to the letter sent home this summer and attached below)


    When first logging in, a parent (in this case) will need three things:

    1. An email address.

    Your current email address may be used to access schooltool. For this to happen, simply make sure to provide the school with this (using the letter below), and confirm that we have allowed your email address to be used when logging into schooltool.

    2. The website of the schooltool database.

    Ours is:

    3. Access to your own email.

    You may be receiving your first schooltool password through your email. It will be necessary to make sure you have access to your email for any password resets as well.

    Obtaining a New Password

    1. Use your web browser to access the internet and go to the schooltool website above.
    2. Where it says, "Username," type in your full email address (from step 1, above).
    3. Enter the password you were given or leave this field blank if you do not remember your password.
    4. Click on the blue login button.
    5. If the password you entered is incorrect (or if you left it blank), the words "New User or Forgot Password" will appear on the screen.
    6. Click the "New User" words. You will see the screen refresh (flash), and you will be prompted again to enter your username. Fill in the box, again, with your email address, and click the submit button.
    7. Retrieve new password from email.

    Using the Parent Portal

    1. After logging in, a parent will be presented with a screen containing three or more tabs:

    2. Students Tab - This tab provides a listing of all students that "belong" to the logged-in parent, including contact information for each student.
    3. Campus Tab - This tab is where a parent will see general school information, including cycle days, announcements, and other pertinent school information.
    4. Account Tab - This tab is used to change passwords. When a parent logs in for the first time, he/she should immediately access this tab and change his/her password.
    5. Messages Tab - This tab displays any available messages.