Rules for Spectators


    The Genesee Athletic Association has adopted the following code of conduct as guidelines for all spectators attending basketball games. Spectators are asked to:
    1. Remain in the gym during all games and events and leave only during half times, between games, or at the end of the last game. The doors will be closed during the game and no loitering will be permitted in the corridors. You must attend the game or leave the building.
    2. Refrain from using tobacco products on school grounds.
    3. Pupils in grade K 5 will not be allowed to attend Elba evening athletic contests, or football games unless a person accompanies them at least (18) eighteen years old who will supervise the student and be responsible for the pupil.
    4. Beverages may not be taken into the gymnasium. Candy and popcorn are allowed.
    5. Refrain from indulging in stamping on the bleachers and using noisemakers during the game.
    6. Show courtesy, friendliness and good sportsmanship to all guests at all times. These rules apply to all spectators regardless of age.