Picture of 1938 school building

    The Elba Central School District is located at 57 South Main Street in Elba, New York.

    By a vote of 356 to 51 in a special election held in the recreation building of Elba High School in 1937, voters of 11 districts in and around Elba approved a proposal for a centralized school district, eliminating Districts 2 through 10.  A central building was needed with the estimated cost of $357,118 with $199,000 to be raised in the form of a bond issue.  The cost of the original building completed in 1938 was $381,000.  There were 450 children of school age in the 11 districts to be served by the new school.

    A milestone was marked on May 4, 1938 when the cornerstone was laid.  Roy A. Porter became the head of the recently created Central Board of Education.  The Class of 1939, with 19 members, was the first class to graduate from Elba Central School.  

Picture of Front of School
Picture of North Entrance
Picture of Auditorium Entrance