• Gretchen Rosales 

    Gretchen Rosales
    Superintendent of Schools

    Elba Central School

    57 S Main Street PO Box 370                                             Elba, New York 14058-0370

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    Dear Lancer family,

    What a first half of the year!  I am energized by the academic growth that our students are demonstrating.  In the elementary school, teachers are involved in regular data dives for interventions and students receive clear and targeted support daily.   Secondary students wrapped up a midterm week, which closely aligned with what they will experience during Regents week in June.  Based on teachers’ analysis, the assessments show promising results.  Our students are bouncing back from the effects of a long pandemic and I am inspired by their resilience.  Further, I am proud of the teachers for their determination and patience. One of the best parts of my day is visiting classrooms to watch teachers and students engaged in challenging work.  I reflect on Steven Covey’s words, “Where you’re headed is more important than how fast you’re going.”  This is evident in learning; the ultimate goal is certainly moving to the next grade and then on to graduation.  However, it is the daily cumulative growth that leads to a brain full of knowledge, a determined spirit, and a character to match.  I am convinced that there is no better place to learn academics - nor how to grow into a productive citizen - than at Elba Central.  

    As the second half of the year is now underway, we have much to look forward to.  Within the next month, the District will have a clear vision of the next capital project.  The principals are beginning to plan graduation events and large-scale field trips in the midst of leading robust instruction and learning.  Teachers are fully engaged in second semester curricula.  We have several community events planned to engage and connect with our entire Elba family.  The next twenty weeks will be very busy.

    I am very excited to share that Elba Central School was selected as one of 24 schools in New York State to receive a UPK expansion grant.  This means that ECS was awarded funding to expand our program from a half-day program to a full-day program.  Throughout this spring, we will work to plan a well-rounded experience for our littlest Lancers to ensure success as they begin school.  

    Finally, I wanted to share that the Elba Central School community was recognized by the Genesee County legislature for opening as a warming shelter during the Christmas storm.   The District received a commendation on behalf of the Elba community and it is displayed at the school.  What we all know, however, is that while proclamations are wonderful, it is the awareness of how caring our community is that resonates.  So many people came together to care for complete strangers within the warmth of our school’s walls.   Elba is a special place.  When I refer to the Elba family it is with so much pride; we truly do take care of each other.  

    As always, it is my honor to serve as the Superintendent of the Elba Central School District.  May 2023 be a year full of accomplishments and blessings.


    Sincerely yours,

    Gretchen Rosales  



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