• Keith Palmer 

    Superintendent of Schools

    Elba Central School

    57 S Main Street PO Box 370                                             Elba, New York 14058-0370

    585-757-9967                                                                    Fax 585-757-2713


    The purpose and tradition of Elba Central School District and its community

    is to empower and inspire our students to be continuous learners who are challenged to succeed.


Mr. Keith Palmer    Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent's Message


    Dear Friends,

    I am so proud of the work we have accomplished and the strides we continue to make as we endeavor to be recognized as the best school in all of Genesee Valley.  These past few years we have made significant progress on many fronts.  Academically, we are reestablishing our reputation as a school of excellence.  A number of media outlets have recognized our hard work for improving graduation rates, passing and mastery rates on State Assessments, advanced diplomas, participation in college level coursework as well as having a culture of challenging one's self, hard work, continuous improvement and mutual support.
    Financially, we have positioned ourselves to meet the needs of a strong educational program while establishing tax levies under our legal limits.  Our revenues are exceeding our expenditures, our fund balances are at an appropriate level, and our reserves are able to meet future demands.  We are in a good position to pursue a substantial capital project that will have little to no negative financial impact on our community.  
    But most importantly, we are working together as a team where vulnerable trust is becoming the norm, the courage to ask for help is growing and the fear of taking risks is diminishing.  We are helping each other become the best we can be.  Relationships between and among students, faculty, administration, Board of Education and community are not only healthy but thriving on many fronts.  Thank you for your dedication and commitment in seeing our District grow and take course in becoming a school of excellence.  
    And thank you for supporting me in my role as your Superintendent.  Part of being a good leader is communicating a vision, but sometimes, it is knowing when to get out of the way when progress is being made...and sometimes, it's knowing when to hand over the reins.  After much consideration, I have decided to retire from public education this November.  Having attended school every year for the past 50 years, my wife Diane and I have decided to pursue a new experience as we look to head further south and be closer to our children.  I will be leaving Elba Central School having run a good race, not resigning from a job, but retiring from a career.  
    Thanks to all for your hard work, your kindness, and for your friendship.