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    January 16, 2019


    I thought I would send another update about how my transition as your new Superintendent is going in Elba.  The students, staff and community have been incredibly welcoming and I have absolutely felt so lucky and honored to be the Superintendent.  On Tuesday morning, I invited all of our graduating seniors to have lunch with me before we hand them their diploma in June.  My goal is to listen to them about their experiences.  Collaborating with as many groups and individuals has been at the heart of my first sixty days.

    Instructionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting classes and seeing students in small reading groups or engaged with a book in the hallway.  Our high school students have been engaged in a variety of content areas.  They were asking great questions and the faculty challenged them to determine the procedures and rules that were mathematically necessary to calculate the correct answer.  In another visit, students were able to see complete an inquiry on how to determine what type of mineral that they were evaluating.   Each class and lesson that I have seen has been aligned with the standards and regents coursework and required exam that they will see in June.  On our conference day on January 25, 2019, we will be providing professional development on the latest educational research, as well the best practices with a focus on assessment, curriculum and feedback so that we are improving student achievement. 

    We have started a discussion with the faculty about the 21st Century teaching and learning that needs to take place for our students to be successful in our ever changing society.  I am pleased to tell you that we will be starting a 21st Century Team with over almost a dozen faculty and administrators that will focus their efforts on integrating more technology within our classrooms to ensure that students are having a positive experience.  We will be piloting new programs, applications and strategies before they are rolled out to the faculty.  Our goal is then to report back to the Technology Committee so that we are allocating our resources appropriately.  After getting approval from New York State, the building’s technology infrastructure will continue to be updated over the coming months using funds that were designated from the Smart Schools Bond Act. 

    As part of my entry plan with the Board of Education, we have been working with Clark Patterson, our architects and engineering firm to thoroughly review our facility’s maintenance and repair needs based on the required five year building condition survey that was conducted a four years ago.  In an effort to preserve the building as a community asset, the Board of Education discussed this need on January 14, 2019 at their meeting.  As we begin to finalize the scope of the project that the community will be able to vote on in May, the Board of Education and I were intent on not needing new additional taxes to cover the project and also addressing the highest needs of the district’s facility and property.  This includes a large portion of the roof, asbestos removal in our floors, repairing the original bathrooms in the elementary classrooms and windows in much of the original portion of the building.  I will be communicating much more about the tentative plans in the future and host some open forums so that everyone is informed. 

    I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting families at a wide range of events in the district.  My first concert allowed me to hear and see our student musicians and program that will continue to grow.  Our English as a New Language (ENL) providers hosted an event for our families prior to the holidays that had about fifty students and parents in to learn about the services we provide.  Basketball season is in full swing and each of our teams are so talented.  Elba Basketball is clearly a major source of pride and I have appreciated meeting community members and families at each of the games.  Our Cheerleaders also bring the Sherwood Gym to a new level of excitement and I can’t wait to see it during sectionals.   One of the other upcoming events that I am looking forward to is the production of “Beauty and the Beast” that is scheduled for February 15th and 16th!  Lastly, I want to thank all of our coaches, advisors and parents that support our school and youth programs.  Please continue to introduce yourself so that I can connect names with faces.

    Overall, I am truly loving all of my experiences while serving as Superintendent at Elba Central School District.   Please feel free to call me at 757-9967 Ext. 1034, email me at ndale@elbacsd.org, or follow me on Twitter: @ProudLancerSupt if you want to touch base about anything. 



    Ned Dale




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