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    September 15, 2020

    Our students and staff have done an amazing job getting back to school and following all of the new expectations.  “Mr. Dale, I forgot to take my temperature this morning, can you take it for me?”   I have seen students wash their hands, grab a little hand sanitizer, and walk through the building with their mask on.  At their desks, students have been able to remove their masks.  Staff members have been completing their daily health screenings and students have had random temperatures taken prior to entering the building.  If you have not turned in the form agreeing to temperature screen your child before they come, please do so.   Again, our goal is to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

    At last night’s Board of Education meeting, I provided an update on the impact of New York State’s current plan to withhold 20% of all state aid.  This would have a devastating impact on Elba.  If implemented, we would see a loss of $1.2 million in revenue.  Last year’s approved budget was $10,269,322.  Although the federal government has discussed another stimulus bill that would support schools with their reopening, no progress has been made.  Please know that Elba has applied for a grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover some of the additional costs that we have paid to implement our reopening plan.  A loss of this magnitude could significantly cut programs and opportunities for our students.  My goal is not to create anxiety, but awareness and demonstrate our commitment to fiscal accountability and transparency.  I will be sending a letter to our state and federal representatives on behalf of the district to seek support.  I would encourage all parents to do the same. 

    On Monday, we walked through the building with our architects and construction contractors to finalize a punch list of items that still need to be done.  Our classrooms look great and the big focus right now is the installation of new windows.  They are finishing the baseball field site work by the end of next week.  These needed repairs and renovations preserved the building and portions of the campus to support our current programs.  Our phone system continues to be serviced and we apologize if you have left messages or been disconnected when calling the district.  If you have left a message for a teacher, please call the elementary or high school offices to leave a paper message. 

    Soccer and cross country will start next week.  Mr. Beehler has been working with our partners at Oakfield-Alabama and Byron-Bergen to prepare for the return of sports.  As you know, football and volleyball are delayed until March 1, 2020.  As part of our capital project, we were scheduled to have Elba modified volleyball.  Modifications were made in the gym, equipment was purchased and a coach was identified.  Volleyball athletes at the JV and Varsity levels will still participate with Oakfield as part of our umbrella program and relationship for now. 

    Thank you for all of your support with our reopening.  We are starting to review our procedures and systems as communicated previously.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know via email ndale@elbacsd.org or feel free to call me at 757-9967 Ext 1034.



    Ned Dale



    Impact on Elba of NYS 20% Withholding

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