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Elba Central School Hall of Fame


     Hall of Fame nomination applications are still being accepted to recognize an alumni, community member or honorary selection to the Elba Central School Hall of Fame.  See the ECS Hall of Fame Nomination Form at the bottom of this page.

    The Elba CSD Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievements by any alumni or resident, who have greatly contributed to the well-being of our society through their hard work, talents and leadership. 

    There are three categories for nominees:  1.  an alumni of Elba High School, 2.  community member or 3.  an honorary selection (non-alum).  If you would like to nominate someone, please complete a nomination form and mail it to:

    Elba Central School, c/o Hall of Fame Committee, 57 South Main Street, Elba, NY  14058.  


    Would you like to join the Hall of Fame Committee? We only meet a few times a year. 

    We would love to have you on our Team! 

    Please contact the District Office. 



    Congratulations Hall of Fame Inductees:

    Class of 2016

    Dorothy Coughlin, Class of 1945 and Teacher

    Chester Gabriel, Class of 1959

    Roosevelt Muhammad, Class of 1983

    Suzi Egeli House, Class of 1993

    Thomas Nowak, Teacher, Counselor and Coach


    Class of 2017: 

    Donald Ames, Class of 1955

    Robert Norton, Class of 1959

    Stan Sherwood, Athletic Director, Teacher and Coach


    Class of 2018:  

    Earl Roth, Class of 1962

    Nicholas Conley, Class of 2001

    Charles O'Geen, Teacher and Coach 


    Class of 2019:

    Shirley Berg Fasano, Class of 1965

    David Burns, Class of 1981

    Karen Cusmano, Class of 1983, Teacher and Coach 


    Class of 2020:

    Paul Birch, Class of 1992

    Don Willmott, Teacher and Coach

    Paul Joslin, Class of 1945, (photo is Ken Post accepting for Paul Joslin)

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