Technology Department

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    The Goal of the Technology Department at Elba Central School is to ensure that:

    • Elba Central School teachers and students consistently use technology for learning and preparation for life.
    • All Elba students will be able to meet our student outcomes.  
    • The students will use technology as a part of their problem-solving and learning activities and be prepared to deal with new and changing technologies.
    • Technology will be used to help the students and teachers acquire, process and use data.
    • Technology will also be used to connect students and staff to each other and to the larger world to make learning more relevant and authentic.
    • Technology will promote equity and individual Iearning at Elba Central.
  • "The Smart Schools Bond Act is was passed by Voters in November of 2014 to ensure that our students graduate with the skills they need to thrive in the economy of today and tomorrow. The $2 billion of general obligation bonds are to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for students throughout the State."

    Elba Central School's allocation is $547,789.
    This will not have any impact on local taxes or our school budget.

    Please click the presentation link below for more details on the preliminary plan.

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