Elba Central School District


    Elba Central School District Mission Statement

    We will create a respectful, safe, and engaging environment which will empower and inspire our students to be continuous learners who are challenged to succeed.


    Elba Central School District Vision Statement

    Partner students with the Elba learning community to create excellence.


    Student Outcome Statements

    At Elba Central School, every student acquires the knowledge and basic skills necessary for success in the adult world. In addition, our students develop:

    1) empowering skills such as decision-making, goal-setting, critical thinking and problem solving

    2) communication and social interaction skills

    3) technological literacy

    4) total wellness – social, physical and emotional health, and positive self-esteem

    5) values necessary to participate in society.

    As a result, our students will embrace learning as a life-long process.

PIcture of Elba Central School